This isn’t a letter to make you change your mind about me, or about what happened. I’m not trying to explain myself, because I have no explaining to do, for once in my life. I’m not gonna lie and say that I’m fine when I’m not either. I just needed to get things off my chest. This is a letter  to say thank you, surprisingly.

Thank you for making me mostly happy this past year. I didn’t know what this genuine feeling of happiness was before meeting you. I’m sorry for it making me be clingy. I just needed that feeling so much, it became some sort of drug I needed as often as possible.

Thank you for making me realize I could actually love and trust someone. I never would have thought I could open up completely to someone, to lower all of the walls I built all my life. For what it’s worth, it was an amazing thing to be able to do so.

Thank you for making me know my worth. Being a dick to me every now and then might have had it’s perks right there because it made me realize how any other guy would be lucky to have me in their life. You were just too dumb to realize it yourself.

Finally, thank you for doing what I was never able to. Blocking me was probably the best thing to possibly happen at this point, even though it feels like the complete opposite right now, because even though you made me feel like the happiest girl in the world, you also made me feel like the exact opposite half the time.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget you. You changed me in the best possible way. And I will always care about you, I’m simply not able to hold a grudge. I will still think about you when I’m left alone with my thoughts, and remember all those fun moments we had, wishing we were still friends. I also might hate you from time to time, because of all the pain you created, but I think that when you love someone so much, you also have to hate them a little bit.

I cared about you so much, and i won’t stop caring about you. I sincerely wish you the best, and I do hope that if we ever meet again, things won’t be weird, awkward or unpleasant.

Have a good life


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